Type M Nails Ring Pliers

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The perfect tool for assembling and repairing wire cages and fences effortlessly.

Our Type M Nails Ring Pliers are made with high-quality materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. The ergonomic design of the pliers makes them comfortable to hold and easy to use, reducing hand fatigue during extended use.

These pliers can hold up to 50 nails, allowing you to work efficiently without frequent reloads. The pliers also have a quick-release mechanism that allows for fast and easy removal of jammed nails.

Our pliers are designed to suit wire cages with a diameter of 3~8mm, and are easy to use like a stapler, clamping tightly to ensure a strong and secure hold. This makes them perfect for assembling all kinds of cages and fences, as well as for repairing dead angle bundles and solder joint welding.

They are ideal for use in the construction, agriculture, and manufacturing industries, as well as for DIY projects at home. They're also great for bird and chicken enthusiasts who need to build or repair wire cages for their pets.


  1. Upload de pushers.

  2. Position the pliers:  position the pliers over the surface you want to nail. Make sure the nails are aligned with the surface and that the pliers are at the desired angle.

  3. Squeeze the handles: Now, squeeze the handles of the pliers together to drive the nail into the surface. Make sure to apply enough force to ensure a secure hold.

  4. Release the handles: Once the nail is in place, release the handles to release the pressure and open the jaws of the pliers.

It's important to note that Type M Nails Ring Pliers are specifically designed for use with Type M nails, so make sure you have the correct type of nails before using the pliers.

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